Fun & Healthy Tenants Activities at VERDE!

May 2018

o   A Luminous Sahara

This year, VERDE Iftar Dinner themed ‘Luminous Sahara’ brought our residents together in diversity. We were delighted to hold the event at VERDE TWO Marketing Gallery on May 24th, 2018, which gave exclusive chances for families and friends to view the latest Monteverde Tower Show Unit in private.



July 2018

o   Creativity with Cooking

The picture of how children laugh when cooking with fun has inspired VERDE to organize a cooking class for boys and girls age 5 to 10 years old. Cooking for children can foster their creativity, and develop our kids’ early passion and knowledge in culinary. Who knows, they could be the next Indonesia’s Gordon Ramsey?



August 2018

o   Boot Camp is Back!

This August, we are excited to welcome the second year of VERDE Boot Camp! This intense group of exercises is designed to increase stamina and fitness. Participating residents can bring their friends to experience the many other benefits of boot camp, including reducing hypertension risks, body fat loss, and mentality strengthening.


o   Acro Yoga

A new class this August : AcroYoga!  It’s a combination of yoga and acrobatics that can be great for couples, friends, parents and even kids to learn, as it fosters trust and encourages activity together. Exclusively for VERDE residents. We’ll see you at the studio!


o   The Gift of Life

Blood donation is the most precious gift for those in need. The act of donating is known for giving yourself a feeling of content and peace of mind. While regular blood donating can help enhance your vitality and reduce the risk of cancer or stroke. This August, VERDE residents will be able to participate in blood donation, collaborating with Indonesian Red Cross Society (PMI).

 o    Independence Day Bazaar

Be prepared to join our residents annual Independence Day bazaar! On top of culinary, fashion and handicrafts booths, our kids will enjoy the good old times traditional games; such as crackers eating competition and gunny sack race. If you happen to be in Indonesia on the day, don’t hesitate to join the fun.