Thousands of Indonesian Families to Benefit from Affordable Green Housing Project

PT Farpoint Realty Indonesia will acquire a funding of up to US$50 million equivalent in Indonesian Rupiah from International Finance Corporation (IFC). FARPOINT will focus on the construction of around 8,000 houses across Indonesia, offering affordable houses with green building standards. All houses built will be constructed using Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE) specifications, thereby meeting the green building standards. 

Each housing cluster will comprise landed houses designed by well-known local architects and will include retail as well as green spaces for recreational activities. FARPOINT  targets lower and middle-income earning first home buyers, and will contribute to the One Million Houses Program launched by President Joko Widodo in 2015 to encourage developers to offer sustainable residential properties at reasonable prices. 

“Our committed approach to sustainable building and construction incorporates technological advances and green building techniques to ensure a sustainable future for Indonesia,” FARPOINT Chairman Husodo Angkosubroto said. In the future, thousands of Indonesian families are set to benefit from an affordable green housing project. That’s also expected to create jobs and support growth in Southeast Asia’s biggest economy amid the ongoing impact from the COVID-19 pandemic.