Verde Two, A Healthy Living Apartment in The Center of Jakarta | One of the “wisdom” of the COVID-19 pandemic is that people are more and more aware of the need for health. According to standards, a healthy living space should have at least a good air and light circulation. Meeting these standards will usually be easier to apply to landed houses, also apartments. One of the apartments that already meets these criteria is Verde Two.

This apartment developed by FARPOINT has been designed from the start to be a healthy residence. Not just providing a balcony area, so that almost all the windows can be safely opened, so that air exchange occurs in the unit, but more than that. Every unit at Verde Two is equipped with double layered efficient filtration.

With this special installation, the air from outside is “cleaned” first before being “channeled” to the air conditioner inside the unit. This installation is able to clean the air from pollutants measuring PM 2.5 (air particles smaller than 2.5 microns (micrometers) or 1/30 the diameter of a human hair), so that the air in the room is 99 percent pollution-free, and fresh.

As explained by Julius J Warouw, Sales Director of FARPOINT, “With this installation, the air from the outside is really cleaned, not the air inside.” In order to keep the air in the room fresh, added Julius, even though it is not inhabited, the installation can still be run. You don’t need to be afraid of spending energy, because it only has 30 watts of electricity. Each unit is installed with two filter machines, and replacement is enough every six months, at a relatively affordable price.

The existence of the double layered efficient filtration installation, Julius acknowledged, has become one of the “selling points” during this pandemic. “One of the things that makes tenants choose Verde Two, because there is such a filter. Especially like now, when residents have to stay indoors, the existence of this filter makes residents feel fresh air, without having to go to open spaces,” said Julius.

As a result, this apartment, which is located in the Kuningan area, has become the main choice for a number of embassies from foreign countries, such as Switzerland, Sweden and Australia. “In addition to security, they are very concerned about air quality conditions and matters related to green buildings, and Verde Two fulfills these requirements,” said Julius.

Green Certificate

Verde Two is the first apartment in Indonesia that uses double layered efficient filtration technology. With this installation, Verde Two received the EDGE Green Building Certification System in 2020 from IFC (part of the World Bank).

The certification is also because this apartment is considered efficient in energy use, because it uses wall insulation, and thermal glass, while to save water use, this building uses low-pressure plumbing equipment.

Recently, in February 2021, this apartment received the SafeGuard Hygiene Excellence and Safety Label certification from Bureau Veritas. This apartment is considered to have implemented strict health and hygiene precautions, such as strict social distancing in all public areas, such as elevators, swimming pools and gyms, as well as sanitation fogging, and UV disinfection.

Millennials Favorite

Julius said, initially Verde Two targeted the established market aged 50 years and over. Not only in terms of economic capacity, but because they are still running a business, they still need housing that is not far from the city center. Also large in size, and fully equipped, to be able to support its business. Julius gave an example, “Like inviting business relations while enjoying a movie in the theater room, or having a casual discussion in the afternoon while smoking a cigar in the library garden.”

However, over time, apartments that have been built since 2017, have turned out to be more attractive to young professionals, both married and young couples. All the facilities and nuances that are built, are judged to suit their taste. “Especially during the pandemic, they really take advantage of all the facilities here, from meeting rooms, sky lounges, to multifunction rooms,” said Julius.

Two Towers

Verde Two consists of 2 towers, namely Monteverde (124 units) and Terraverde (186 units). According to its class for the upper middle class, the smallest unit size is 170 m2. In Monteverde there are types, 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms, while in Terraverde there are only 3 bedroom units, with double private lift facilities.

The development of this apartment involved world-class designers, namely Johnson Fain (Los Angeles, USA) for architectural design, Yabu Pushelberg (New York, USA) for interior design, and SWA (Los Angeles, USA) for landscape design.

Responding to the latest technological developments for electric-powered vehicles, this apartment is equipped with Electric Vehicle Charging Station facilities. This facility provides 3 EV charging spots 4.6kW Type 1 and 11kW Type 2.